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Produce Availability

The temperate climate, good soil and sea breezes allow Nova Scotia to grow an amazingly wide variety of quality food crops. Some are listed below, along with their availability:

  • Asparagus – May to July
    Beans (fresh market) – July to September
    Beans (dried) Year round
    Beets July to February
    Blackberries Late August
    Blueberries (High bush)August to October
    Broccoli – July to November
    Brussels sprouts – September to December
    Cabbage – All months except June
    Cantaloupe – August to September
    Carrots – July to March
    Cauliflower – July to November
    Celery – August to October
    Collards July to November
    Corn – July to October
    Cucumbers (field grown) – July to October
    Cucumber, table (greenhouse) – January to December
    Eggplant – August to October
    Garlic – August to October
    Herbs – Year round (dried)
    Kale July to November
    Leeks – September to December
    Lettuce – June to October
    Onions – Year round
    Parsnip – September to March
    Peas – May to July
    Peppers Sweet (field grown) – August to October
    Peppers Sweet (greenhouse) – March to November
    Peppers Hot (greenhouse) – March to November
    Potatoes – Year round
    Pumpkins – September to November
    Radish – April to September
    Raspberries – July to September
    Rhubarb – May to June
    Rutabaga – Year round
    Spinach – May to October
    Squash (Summer) – July to September
    Squash (Winter) – August to March
    Strawberries – June to October
    Sweet Potatoes – October – May
    Tomatoes (field grown) – August to October
    Tomatoes (greenhouse – multiple varieties) – March to December
    TurnipSeptember to October