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Who We Are

Mission Statement

“To enhance collaborative efforts among members which will strengthen and provide leadership to the horticultural industry.”

History and Mandate

Horticulture Nova Scotia was formed in 1998 by the merger of Vegetables Nova Scotia and Berries Nova Scotia, and the affiliation of the Nova Scotia Potato Marketing Board and the Processing Pea and Bean Growers Marketing Board of Nova Scotia. It is a designated commodity group under the Agriculture and Marketing Act of Nova Scotia and is a not-for-profit association incorporated under the Registry of Joint Stock in March 1998. Since its inception, Horticulture Nova Scotia has made it policy to work with other horticultural interest groups, wherever possible, to further the needs and interests of the horticultural industry. In 2009, highbush blueberries were added to the commodities covered by the association.


Horticulture Nova Scotia is a member-driven, non-profit, non-unionized agricultural commodity group representing the interests of Nova Scotia commercial vegetable, strawberry, raspberry, bramble, highbush blueberry and nursery stock producers associated with those crops. Membership is open to anyone interested in the horticultural industry.There are four categories of paid membership: Growers, Agri-business, Associate Group and Associate Individual. Standing Committees are in place for all of the objectives stated in the by-laws, with ad hoc committees for other relevant issues. All are answerable to the Board of Directors comprised of nine member representatives. Other horticulture commodities or organizations may become part of the association on being approved by the membership at an annual meeting.

Horticulture Nova Scotia administers an affiliated group – the Nova Scotia Potato Marketing Board. The Nova Scotia Processing Pea and Bean Grower’s Marketing Board was disbanded in 2006.

Horticulture Nova Scotia administers AAFC guaranteed Advanced Payment Program loans for vegetable, berry and greenhouse vegetable growers. For information on receiving a loan, contact Marlene Huntley at (902) 678-9335 or see the government website Advanced Payment Program.

Horticulture Nova Scotia Objectives as per the Memorandum of Understanding

  • Information dissemination: To develop and produce a system suitable for communicating timely information to the membership. To develop a repository of information suitable to advise membership of important issues;
  • Marketing and special promotions: To develop an integrated marketing strategy, which shall promote the advancement of the horticultural industry and development of new markets. To identify and develop special product promotions as required;
  • Liason with government and other organizations: To liaise, promote unity and cooperation with agricultural groups, government agencies, and other organizations, to represent the interests of the organization and its members and to encourage such legislation as may be advantageous and discourage such legislation as may be detrimental to the horticultural industry;
  • Research: To promote unity and cooperation with the research community and to facilitate the identification of research priorities and specifically directed research designed to benefit the horticultural industry;
  • Education & Awareness: To upgrade the level of awareness of horticulture, its needs and issues by facilitating producer upgrading and consumer awareness, and by disseminating such information to all levels of government and other stakeholders as is necessary for them to make educated decisions on issues pertaining to horticulture;
  • Annual Conference: To organize, promote and deliver an annual conference to encourage unity, provide information and promote communications between membership and others interested in the horticultural industry. An annual meeting of the membership may be included in the conference agenda or held separately as decided by the Board of Directors.