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Advanced Payments Program

For the benefit of our farmers, Horticulture Nova Scotia administers AAFC Advance Payments Program (APP) loans. APP is a financial loan guarantee program giving producers easier access to credit through cash advances and, by improving their cash-flow, is designed to increase marketing opportunities for eligible producers of agricultural products. APP guarantees the repayment of cash advances issued to producers against their agricultural product(s). <

Advances provide up to 50% of the average market price producers are expected to receive for their agricultural product. Producers can potentially receive cash advances of up to $400,000, with the first $100,000 interest-free for up to 18 months (depending on product). Loans are available for the growing season beginning April 1 of each year, except for greenhouse growers where the start date for advances is earlier at December 1.

Advances are available to producers on almost any vegetable, strawberries, raspberries and highbush blueberries; fall loans are available on crops in storage.

For forms, please contact Horticulture Nova Scotia at 902-678-9335 or email

And for more information on APP, please visit

Below are the advance rates for 2018:

Agricultural Product Name Ag.Product
Advance Rate
Unit of
Blueberries – High Bush NS  1.1727 Pound
Blueberries – Organic – High Bush NS  1.5239 Pound
Cranberries – Fresh Market NS  0.291 Pound
Cranberries – Frozen NS  0.097 Pound
Cranberries – Processing NS  0.097 Pound
Raspberries –  fresh market NS  1.2804 Pound
Strawberries – Summer NS  0.9826 Pound
Strawberry Plants NS  0.0582 Plant
Cantaloup NS  0.1765 Pound
Corn (grain) NS  111.55 Tonne
Soybeans NS  220.19 Tonne
Beans – Dry NS  0.6693 Pound
Wheat – Winter NS  116.40 Tonne
Asparagus NS  1.261 Pound
Leeks NS  0.5694 Pound
Onion – Bulb NS  0.0689 Pound
Onion – Bunching NS  0.5665 Pound
GH – Bell Peppers – Green NS  0.5238 Kilogram
GH – Bell Peppers – Orange NS  1.358 Kilogram
GH – Bell Peppers – Red NS  1.358 Kilogram
GH – Bell Peppers – Yellow NS  1.358 Kilogram
GH – Cucumbers – Long English NS  3.0070 Dozen
GH – Tomatoes – Beefsteak NS  0.3589 Pound
GH – Tomatoes – Cluster NS  0.4850 Pound
Broccoli NS  0.291 Pound
Brussels Sprouts NS  0.5335 Pound
Cabbage NS  0.0824 Pound
Cauliflower NS  0.1998 Pound
Lettuce – Iceberg NS  0.1785 Pound
Lettuce – Romaine NS  0.2115 Pound
Spinach NS  1.455 Pound
Beets NS  0.4685 Pound
Carrots NS  0.0728 Pound
Carrots – Processing – Cut & Peel NS  0.0136 Pound
Carrots – Processing – Dicers NS  0.0136 Pound
Carrots – Processing – Slicers NS  0.0136 Pound
Parsnips NS  0.2541 Pound
Potatoes NS  4.3650 CWT
Radishes NS  0.1775 Pound
Rutabagas NS  0.1377 Pound
Corn – Sweet NS  0.2474 Pound
Cucumbers NS  0.3085 Pound
Peppers – Sweet NS  0.3007 Pound
Pumpkins NS  0.1009 Pound
Squash – Summer NS  0.1872 Pound
Squash – Winter NS  0.1872 Pound
Tomatoes – Field NS  0.6363 Pound